Garth Brooks Reveals Fourth Stop on “Dive Bar Tour”

Garth Brooks Reveals Fourth Stop on “Dive Bar Tour”

After taking his Dive Bar Tour to Chicago (July 15), Bakersfield (Aug. 15) and New Braunfels (Sept. 23), Garth Brooks announced the fourth stop on his seven-date tour: The Barn in Sanford, Fla., on Oct. 16.

Garth actually sings about The Barn in his 1995 song, “The Old Stuff,” which he co-penned with Bryan Kennedy and Dan Roberts: “Seven pickers and all our gear in a rental van / Playin’ music never sleepin’ and workin’ on a neon tan / We played The Barn down in Sanford Florida / For Bev Roberts out in Camden Park / We plugged it in up east at Bull Run / And the place went dark.”

Like the first three stops on the tour, tickets to The Barn show are only available via country radio in the area. Garth’s seven-date Dive Bar Tour takes its name from his current single, “Dive Bar,” which features Blake Shelton.

photo by NCD