Exclusive Premiere: Watch the Grand Ole Opry’s Debut Episode of “Opry Icons” With Vince Gill

Exclusive Premiere: Watch the Grand Ole Opry’s Debut Episode of “Opry Icons” With Vince Gill

The Grand Ole Opry’s brand-new digital series—Opry Icons—gives fans an in-depth look into the lives and times of iconic Opry members who have helped sustain the Nashville institution for 90-plus years.

The new series includes performance highlights and intimate backstage interviews with legendary country singers and their friends—and no one has more friends than Vince Gill, who is featured in the debut episode of Opry Icons, which is premiering right here on Nash Country Daily.

This week’s episode features a detailed dive into Vince’s career as a singer, musician and Opry member, which he has been since 1991.

“I’ll never forget the first call I got to come be on the Opry,” says Vince in the video. “I got a call from [general manager] Hal Durham, and he said, ‘We’d like to extend an invitation to come be a guest at the Grand Ole Opry.’ I said, ‘Well, yes sir, I’d be glad to come, you just tell me when.’ He said, ‘We were hoping this Saturday night.’ And I said, ‘This one coming up? As much as I’d like to, I’m already booked at the Grassland Elementary School to play “You Are My Sunshine” with my daughter, and I’m going to respectfully decline.’ So I think that spoke to them, and they knew I was a principled guy about family and how important my kid was and they were kind enough to invite me another time, and I got to come and I sang ‘When I Call Your Name.’”

Check out the new video below that features interviews with Marty Stuart, Patty Loveless, Rodney Crowell, Ashley Monroe, Jenny Gill and Amy Grant sharing their sentiments regarding Vince’s artistry.

“I know the Opry needs me, but I don’t think they know how much I need them, and it’s important they know that,” says Vince. “What I always encourage the artist of my generation to understand is this place needs you now, it doesn’t need you when your career is over.”

video courtesy the Grand Ole Opry