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Exclusive Premiere: Listen to Mitchell Tenpenny’s “Alcohol You Later”

Exclusive Premiere: Listen to Mitchell Tenpenny’s “Alcohol You Later”

Nashville native Mitchell Tenpenny has been making a name for himself over the last few years by plying his unique brand of swampy, soulful country music, as well as distinguishing himself in the writing room (he co-penned Granger Smith’s Billboard Top 10 hit, “If the Boot Fits”).

As Mitchell gears up for the July release of his new EP, Linden Ave, the singer/songwriter/instrumentalist (guitar, drums, piano, bass, banjo) is whetting fans’ appetites by releasing his new single, “Alcohol You Later,” to iTunes on Friday, April 28. But you don’t have to wait until Friday to hear itβ€”Nash Country Daily is premiering the new tune today.

“I wanted to write a song about something that I’ve personally dealt with and seen happen over and over again,” says Mitchell to NCD. “It’s something people can relate to but don’t necessarily want to admit. I heard a Southern gentleman tell his buddy at a bar, ‘I’ll call you later’ with a heavy Southern draw. In my head, I heard ‘Alcohol You Later,’ and I immediately wrote it down and brought it to my co-writers Sam Sumser and Michael Lotten. This song is simply about the truth of liquid courage and how we’ve all felt the need to rekindle an old flame after having a few.”

Listen to the exlusive premiere of Mitchell’s “Alcohol You Later” below.