Listen to the Rapped-Up Remake of “Take This Job and Shove It” Featuring Country’s Baddest Outlaw David Allan Coe

Johnny Paycheck may have made the song “Take This Job and Shove It” a popular anthem of the working class in 1977, but the MoonShine Bandits are dusting off the old classic with their own rapped-up version of the hit called “Take This Job.” And get this, it features the original tune’s songwriter and legendary country badass David Allan Coe.

The Moonshine Bandits—a California country rap duo comprised of Big Tex and Bird, with six studio albums under their belts, including Blacked Out—rewrote the song’s second verse to fit their rap style, and not only do they have the approval of the “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” singer, but he’s lending his voice to the chorus.

“Being able to write and record a song with a legend like David Allan Coe will be one of our most memorable moments in our career,” said Big Tex said in a statement. “Having David’s approval and earning his respect meant a lot to us. When I sat down in his hotel room with my styrofoam cup of Jack Daniels, we shared and compared stories about the road and I soaked in everything he spoke about. We agreed that when it comes to making music, we never followed trends, and we’ve always done things our way.”

“Take This Job” is the first single from the Moonshine Bandits upcoming album, Baptized in Bourbon, set for release on March 3.

Listen to “Take This Job” below.