Brantley Gilbert’s Wife Amber Has Been a Part of His Songs for a Long Time

Brantley Gilbert is no longer a heartbroken country singer, after marrying his longtime friend, Amber Cochran, over the summer. As a happily-married newlywed, Brantley says her influence is bound to come out in his next record.

“We had a conversation about that, early on,” Brantley told Nash Country Weekly and other reporters at a recent media event. “She’s known for a long time that I’m in a position now, where nobody really wants to hear a record full of songs about, ‘Well, I’m married. I’m married.’ Not to say that we don’t do a lot of fun things, and share things together that I’m going to write about. But we have a long history, so I have a lot of history to write about that can still be about her.”

Brantley, who has publicly said some of his previous hits like “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do,” were about her, says Amber has already affected much of his music, even if he didn’t know it at the time.

“I’ve found that even songs that I’ve started in the past, that have been about other people, when I really thought about the emotions, and I was trying to depict and express in these songs, she was always there,” he added. “When I thought about love, or giving myself to somebody, and somebody that could actually get the parts of me that nobody else gets to see, she was always there, in my mind. That’s kind of bad to say now, but she was kind of the first that ever happened like that, and it stuck, so I married her.”

photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images