Bring Your Bestie to Bubba’s Abode

102.9 W4 Country’s wants to send you to Bubba’s vacation home with Ideal You.

Scroll below to meet and see the progress of the contestants competing for a trip to one of Bubba’s Abodes!

Meet Leslie and Rachel of Jackson

Leslie and Rachel are a mother and daughter team from Jackson. They want to get back on track after going through a couple of surgeries and having kids.

Meet Lindsay and Missy of Jackson

Lindsay and Missy are a mother and Daughter team from Jackson. They gained some weight while taking care of a sick family member and are now determined to lose that weight together.

Meet Kate and Shane from Stockbridge

Kate and Shane are a husband and wife team from Stockbridge who want to show their young daughters what a healthy lifestyle is and become a healthier family.

Meet LaShon and Paul of Brighton

LaShon and Paul from Brighton are not only best friends, but also husband and wife! They want to lose weight for their kids and get better control of their health!

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